Cantus WS23

A Cantus is a traditional Belgian and Dutch event, which has a lot of singing (somehow similar to Oktoberfest / Sitsit / Sittning) - and a variety of traditions and rules that will be explained. At a Cantus, we alternate between collectively singing traditional Belgian cantus songs and popular sing-along songs (Hey Jude, Pianoman, ...) for which a codex (songbook) will be provided, followed by drinking cold beer – and then back to the singing again. A very simple concept, and a guarantee for an amazing night!
Watch this video to see a previous Cantus:
The theme will be international: get flags, facepaints, colors of your country, traditional clothes of your country.. Let your imagination flow!
--------WHEN & WHERE---------
Tuesday 05 December at 19:00 until 22:00 (the strict time schedule is important!)
Afterwards there will be a afterparty where we go to together
Location: Freihaus (Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10), former grapisches Zentrum, DC WING (red area), ground floor
7€/9€ with/without ESNcard
That includes unlimited beer.
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Mondays at 17:30-18:30

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Where does the event happen? Freihaus TU Wien, former grapisches Zentrum, DC WING (red area), ground floor

When does the event happen?
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